“Eat not to satisfy your palate but your hunger. A self indulgent man lives to eat; a self restrained man eats to live.”



We base our decision on what to eat on 2 main destructive things taste and sense of fullness. The body is starving for nutrients not false stimulation. Let’s follow what happens to our food from the minute we put it into our mouth (Inlet) to the time it comes out the other end (Outlet).

1- Basic digestion starts when you put food in your mouth the teeth prepare the food by chewing the larger pieces into smaller ones so that the food can be easily swallowed. The body adds enzymes to begin breaking food down chemically. Once the food is chewed into smaller pieces it is pushed down the esophagus and is guided down using a muscular action.

2-The food arriving in the stomach is then subject to highly acidic gastric juices that help kill the bacteria while digesting the food. At this stage the stomach mixes and liquefies the food in a pasty like substance. Food in the stomach is in semi-liquid form, which upon completion is known as chyme.

3-Once converted into this liquid form called chyme it begins its entry into the small intestines of the body. As chyme enters the small intestine, it mixes with green bile and other digestive juices that help with absorption of carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, fats and proteins. The small intestine is a 26 foot long tube that absorbs most of the nutrition that is reasonably digestible. It will absorb most of the nutrition from the food we eat.

The small intestines are chemically similar to your brain with neurotransmitters and hormones that sort and analyze foods as they are being digested. The body at that point tries to identify whether what was ingested is of natural form or foreign “synthetic”. If the food is in its natural state then the body can absorb it efficiently. If it is found to be synthetic or foreign then the body has trouble manipulating it and usually stores it as waste tissue.

4-At the stage where the chyme makes it through the small intestine, the body has already stripped and transported the nutrients to other organs. The fluid remains of the food ingested have their water absorbed by the large intestine.


5-The last stage of digestion will take the remains of water, nutrients and undigestable food and store them into the rectum in an attempt to properly waste the accumulated toxins and feces.

“Your digestive system works to break down food into fats, proteins and starch molecules that can be absorbed by your body. Once absorbed, these molecules must be transported via the blood stream to all parts of the body where they serve as fuel. Food is broken down using the following two methods: (1) hydrolytic, which takes place in the presence of water and (2) enzymatic, where food is broken down using enzymes. These two processes, along with the physical actions of chewing, stomach churning, absorption by the microvilli in the intestine and transportation of nutrients via the bloodstream, make up the digestive system.” (Source:American Association for Health Education)


“We feel full from eating when nerve receptors in the stomach tell the brain that the stomach has stretched to capacity. Ignoring this feeling can lead to overeating and destructive weight gain.” (Source:American Health Association for Health Education)

When building your body the first and most important element that you must concern yourself with is the fuel that you are supplying to your body is absorbed properly and efficiently. This will help to create the results that you are looking for short and long term. In order to do this you must first understand how your own anatomy actually works so that you can manipulate your body to do what you want it to. Whether it is cleansing, losing weight, cutting up or building real muscle.

The basic function of the  digestive system is one of the most important keys to achieving the results that you strive for when trying to build a quality muscular looking physique. It is also one of the paths to connecting with your inner body. To understand the basics of your digestive system is how you will be able to get the most out of what you consume which will contribute to building your body. It’s all about creating an environment inside where your body can function in its optimal state. This mental principle focuses on understanding the concept of building the inner body.

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