The moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point, a place where the unexpected becomes expected, where radical change is more than possibility. It is a certainty. (Source: The Tipping Point,
Malcolm Gladwell)

Most people who are serious about training eventually come to the realization that building a well shaped, symmetrical and muscular body takes time. Training your body and building muscle is an activity that requires focus, determination and time.

Above all consistency in your weight training is the most important component. One must accept that long term results come with the amount of work put into the gym. What you put it in is directly related to what you want to get out. The moment you step into the gym is just as important as the moment you are about to step out.

The tipping point in training is the point past the comfort zone. The ice that you must crack to move forward to that next level. Most people who train stay in one place.  They start motivated due to the product pitch. They just bought a new  “90″ day training system, shiny advanced looking equipment or well packaged supplement. Their focus is to pass the learning phase and once this is achieved they get comfortable with a routine that eventually becomes easy for them. Most fitness models and bodybuilding competitors, cling to crutches like steroids, synthetic supplements, growth hormones, famous training programs and local popular trainers because of their fear of pushing themselves past this comfort zone. What they fail to realize is that it is the passing of this tipping point where all the results are found. It is not a question of how many repetitions, sets or type of workout you perform. The tipping point is pushing yourself to do that little bit extra then you did the last time you performed that exercise, repetition or set. The whole workout should be targeted to conquering this fear and resistance to exploring the unknown territory of your training. Plug your mind into that last stretch and it will help build both muscle and mental strength.

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