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World Physique Magazine:

Sherif Kamal has many titles; Health Consultant, Fitness Coach, Fitness Model Competitor, Raw Foodist, and now he can add World Physique’s Rising Star of the Month to the list! Find out how this raw food athlete changed his outlook on nutrition and got in the best shape of his life…read more

Fitness Star Magazine:

What about average supplements? Are these things building muscle? If they are, great!What about the rest of your body? What about your digestive system, your liver, your kidneys, and heart? maybe you should read the fine print, just to make sure those things you are ingesting also promise to keep the inside of your body string along with those muscles…read more

Fitness X Magazine:
It was obvious to me that most of those guys were probably on juice and that didn’t really interest me. For me, it wasn’t so much about looking like the guy in the magazine; it was more about preserving what I had and staying healthy. While I was weight training more, I started to love the feeling and results it gave me…read more

Radio Interviews:

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Blog Talk Radio Interview NFM February 2011

Blog Talk Radio Interview Double Feature Dr. Robert Cassar & NFM April 2011

Website Features:

It was during my amateur boxing career that I started incorporating weight training. I would spend ¾ of the week training for boxing and the rest lifting weights. My training took on many different more

The root of muscle definition, hard abs and losing real weight from the inside can only be done by restoring the body to its natural state through live plant based…read more
Discipline, determination and raw food can definitely bring you places. As attested by the looks and vigor of nature’s fitness model Sherif Kamal…read more

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