Nature’s Fitness Model (Sherif Kamal) is a graduate in Engineering, a Certified Trainer, a Raw Food Fitness Consultant, Mental Fitness Coach, Researcher, Lecturer, Student of Nature, Committed Raw Vegan Athlete, SunWarrior Sponsored Athlete and Fitness Model Competitor. He is also the founder of The Body Temple.

Becoming Raw:

Like most fitness athletes I grew up trying all the diets and whey protein supplements that you see on the shelves of your local gym. I also learnt all the basic programs that go with them that are suppose to build your muscles in 90 days. I thought at that time that in order to get in shape and get ripped, I had  to work out and do what everyone around me was doing. I was advised by every trainer I met, to eat pretty much what everyone around me was eating. Guess what? Years went by and as I got older I started getting more or less the same results that everyone else was getting NONE!

Sherif Kamal’s Synthetic Body

I can tell you that by the time I reached my late twenties my training began to become less effective and I started to lose my shape.I gained 33 pounds of waste and my body felt and looked worn out. My first assumption was my metabolism was slowing down. Genetically I always had a very cut physique and  growing up I was extremely active in sports and fitness. I competed as an amateur boxer and did martial arts for many years, but for some reason my genetics and intense training wasn’t helping me anymore. I noticed a significant drop in energy and  found myself frustrated and tired of getting no real results from my hard work. I noticed a dramatic increase in my day to day stress and the famous tire around my waste was starting to become more and more noticeable through my clothing. This was not the body and state of health I was used to or comfortable with.

At that point it occurred to me that I needed to start questioning my lifestyle and the way I was approaching my personal fitness. In 2007 after graduating as an engineer I went and got certified as a personal trainer. I attempted to learn more about the body and training to whip myself back into shape. I even increased the level of my training, but nothing really changed for me. So I decided to start studying the science behind all the theories of training and nutrition. All my life I had a fascination with nature and its perfection. I focused my research on a natural health approach and tried to fuse it with all the  mainstream theories behind bodybuilding, synthetic supplements and nutrition. I started reading about longevity, human anatomy, vegetarianism, power fasting, superfoods, herbalism, and all types of raw food diets. I did this while incorporating my information with my training and experimented intensely with my body. As I  advanced in my research I realized how much waste I was accumulating in my body from all the old bodybuilding and fitness theories and how that was directly affecting all the hard work I was putting in the gym. It was at that point that I began to realize that the common factor extrapolated from all this research was the benefits that one can receive from raw uncooked food.

I also experimented with many different fasting and cleansing strategies. It became apparent to me that cleansing the blood was juts as important as supplying it. One of the first benefits I noticed after cleansing my body and eating more whole and nutrient dense raw foods was my energy increased dramatically. I also noticed improvements in my mental focus, strength and recovery time. I started to realize that the strategies I was experimenting with and  implementing were working extremely well. By incorporating raw foods  with my training I started looking and feeling better from within.

What was also fascinating to me was how the famous bodybuilding theories that I used to buy into like carbing up  to build muscle and depleting the body  to cut up were so destructive of an approach for my training. I concluded that if you’re too busy trying to build muscles then there is a good chance you will over look the fact that a lot of those synthetic products that are sold to you in most gyms destroy your kidney, liver, intestines, heart and de-mineralize the bones in your body. Becoming Raw and the lifestyle that goes with it is a completely different world and far superior approach. It frees you from all the scams and get fit quick schemes out there. Ultimately all this gave me control over what I put in my body, the results that come with it and made me feel a lot more balanced mentally and physically and spiritually.

Sherif Kamal’s Raw Body

A holistic approach to getting healthy and fit helps you connect with your body and how it works inside. After all my studies and road to becoming raw I have developed an approach that helps optimize the way you build your body from the inside. I have created a system that I call The Body Temple to help incorporate intense focused weight training strategies with a raw food lifestyle. It heals, builds and elevates performance. Its focus is body efficiency.

For more in-depth understanding on my system or strategies I provide my own RAW ADVICE.

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