Becoming Raw:

As a model, looking your best is always important. I’ve struggled with issues from trying to lose weight, feeling pressure to look “perfect”, trying this diet, that diet, the “new trendy fad diet” and everything in between. But what it comes down to is simple. Veggies and Fruit are just plain good for you and they have magical powers…no really…they do! Looking to lose weight to further my modeling career, I transitioned to the raw food lifestyle. I eat whole, organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. If it came from the earth I could eat it, if it was made by man, I could not. I learned a whole new way to look at food. I dropped around 17 lbs in six weeks through diet and exercise. I was raw. I was sexy. I was hooked. Things took a turn when my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Kris Carr popped into my head. She is the beautiful woman with stage 4 cancer who is a survivor and managed to stabilize her cancer through the raw food lifestyle. Green juice! Veggies! Love! I watched the film Crazy Sexy Cancer with my Mom. It’s an amazing film that everyone should see.  My Mom has now beat breast cancer and has adopted a high raw, whole, organic, clean-food lifestyle.  I have overhauled my Mom’s diet. Eating well to lose weight and get in shape is one thing and sometimes difficult to stay motivated enough to do. For me eating well to save your life is a no-brainer in my book.

I felt very blessed to have the raw food knowledge I had when my Mom needed it.  I love to inspire, educate, and change lives by helping people.  In addition to counselin
g people on their diet and nutrition, I am currently training for my first fitness model competition in September!  I want to show young girls that being raw, healthy and strong is sexy and beautiful.  You don’t need to starve yourself or try fad “diets” or go to extremes.  You can do it the natural way.  I also want to compete as a 100% raw vegan who does not take any synthetic supplements.  I believe that we were given a perfect, complete natural food source in plants, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and grains.  I do not believe I need to eat an animal to be strong nor do I need to pop pills to have more energy or to lose weight.  Everything I need can be found in nature!  I am so excited to compete in September and hope I can inspire others to make healthy changes in their lives. Sometimes it seems like the world at large is searching for the miracle pill, “the quick fix”. We live in a society where fast food is normal, diet pills are standard and liposuction is an everyday word.  Even stomach stapling has become common solution. People surprise me when they make fun of or balk at the raw food lifestyle. They say it’s strange, odd and for hippies.  Really?  Because all I know is that the raw food lifestyle is the real miracle pill. It is the best solution and happens to be free and natural.  If you change the foods that you are putting into your body, your body will respond, and quickly.  Our bodies are smart.  They know how to work.  We just don’t let nature take its course when we fill them with chemicals and processed food.  Switch to an all natural diet.  Eat whole foods from nature.  Eat with simplicity.  You’re body will change.  Your energy levels will rise and you will feel incredible!

Lauren’s Raw Body

Raw is sexy. Eating close to nature is sexy. We look better, we feel better, we become the strong healthy people we were born to be. Looking great in photos is just an added bonus. When we give our bodies the tools it needs to heal, it will heal. I am passionate about this  because I know it works.  I am proof that you can get results and change your lifestyle.

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