Becoming Raw:

Growing up in a society where we just eat what we are given. In school we either had pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers or chicken nuggets. Those were kid’s favorites and that’s what we ate. I notice that each year in school I would gain weight. I have always been into fitness so around junior high school I started working out. My goal was to lose weight since I was chubby and unhealthy from all the food given at school. So I started jumping rope 5 days a week, sometimes 7 days a week. After reaching my goal and losing the weight I wanted to add muscles to my body. I never was a fan of eating meat, due to the fact of seeing an animal cruelty video which I still haven’t forgotten. One day it just hit me that if I really care about the animals and my health I should give up all the junk food and all the animal products. So I became vegan. After becoming vegan my body has cleaned out, and my veins are visible my % of body fat dropped quickly. Giving up the meat and dairy products just took me to a whole new level. There’s a saying that said “each one, teach one” as each day passes by I learn more about nutrition and meet other like minded people. Great people who I see succeed by just eating raw food like Dan the life regenerator, Sherif Kamal, Marcus Patrick, Teresa Jordan, Mika, Victoria, and many other great people.

All This made me sit back and think I can even take this to a higher level than just being vegan. By adding the raw in front of the vegan. Eating the live food, instead of cooking them and killing the vitamins, minerals etc. How did humans eat when fire wasn’t created? As Dr. Aris LaTham said. Eating cooked food just slows us down and we don’t get the fully benefits from it. Of course is better than eating dead flesh etc., but eating raw food takes your body and health to a whole new level. Not only have I become stronger physically, but mentally. No longer do I follow what society puts in front of me. All the junk food and meat. I no longer get tired quickly, or get out of breath when walking. My body feels cleaner and I go to the bathroom more than before. So everything is flowing and moving the right way. Just by having a fruit smoothie for breakfast I am filled with energy right away and it is way easier to digest.

Typical Americans on the SAD diet start their morning with donuts, coffee, bagels and cream cheese. I get my energy from fruits. Before working out I would eat some fruits and I could last hours on that working out with high intensity.

I am thankful each day to be alive and thankful that at such a young age I have learned so much and I am able to apply it to my life. Eating more raw living food makes me feel more alive, healthy and gives me that right push for me to go all out on my workout. Like they say “you are what you eat” If you want to live longer and perform at your highest level RAW vegan lifestyle is the best.

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