In the past 15 years I have encountered many health experts, martial art masters, professional world class trainers, doctors, scientists, scholars and many Olympic athletes. I have learnt many disciplines from all of them. I have read and studied 1000′s of articles trying to find the perfect solution to holistic health and maximizing body efficiency. In this time and especially in the past 4 years I have incorporated a Raw plant based diet with my training and have lived the lifestyle and experienced closer to what I would call an optimal state of health. I have seen an incredible shift in not only my own health but many people who I have had close contact to.

I do believe that nature holds with it an infinite consciousness that cannot be fully explained by science. Even the greatest scientists/philosophers like Einstein have warned us about scientific proof and its limitations. We are heavily persuaded by fear, trends, media, scientific proof, celebrities, government studies, certified stamped documents and the people that have managed to present themselves as Your Guru.

Jack Lalanne is this your GURU?

What is a GURU?

A guru (Sanskrit: गुरु) (Gurmukhi: ਗੁਰੂ) is one who is regarded as having great knowledge, wisdom and authority in a certain area, and who uses it to guide others (teacher). A guru is seen as a leader, that one listens to for direction on his or her way of life. A guru may influence one’s physical, spiritual, or intellectual path.

Jiddu Krishnamurti is this your GURU?

If you are following another, the questions you need to ask yourself is this?

How can I trust that my GURU is guiding me in my best interest. Is the thoughts, feelings, ideas, ideologies and motivation driven by my GURU and his teachings the same as mine? Can another express and define me?

Carl Jung is this your GURU ?

Ultimately I do not believe in ever being a Guru for others in any respect. I do however, believe in demonstrating what can be possible and expressing how I feel it can be approached. The personal work that one does is directly related to what one understands as being true. Nothing can guide you closer to what the best approach for you is than yourself. No one can be a health expert for you but yourself. The best GURU is you. The best teacher is you.

Joe Weider is this your GURU?

Raw plant based nutrition with proper exercise has helped me connect with myself to understand how I work as well as how nature works. They are both interconnected. It has become clear that we are more than what we have been brought up to think in a physical, spiritual and intellectual sense. All the distractions that surround us keep us from connecting with this realization and our own individuality. Most of us are living out for the most part somebody Else’s life rather than our own. Connecting with nature ultimately helps you connect with yourself.

One must be both the student and the GURU at all times, But must be the student and the GURU of themselves. This is what I believe is the closest thing to what I would call living and understanding the optimal lifestyle. Every single individual has something valuable to express and to contribute to mankind. We are all individual GURUs and we are all part of a whole integrated network. Once we realize this we will cease to exist as imitations of each other and begin to live our own lives.

This is why I or no one can be your GURU.

By: Sherif Kamal
Nature’s Fitness Model
Published:March 15th, 2011

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