Marcus Patrick is an Actor, Model, Martial Artist, TV Soap Star, Humanitarian and Raw Vegan Advocate.

Becoming Raw:

I first began fitness, with the aid of a Karate teacher for a father. His constant teaching of discipline and science, was the root of all of this study and investigation for me. I am not a story of a fat meat eater, turned into a healthy, slim, raw, vegan because I was already in top shape and 6% bodyfat when I was a flesh eating carnivore.  The big difference for me, was health, well being and consciousness. At 25, almost 12 years ago from today, I had modeling contracts, won The British Championships, in Martial arts and just won the South Florida, Open track meet, with a 100 meter time of 10.37 seconds.  I was doing well in the field of ego, accomplishments. It was my spirit that didn’t feel good.  It was the post nausea I felt, from almost every meal I ate that was troubling me.  I felt like a super fit athlete, with a sick engine inside.

My bowels always hurt, felt gassy and often I had to breath fresh air, so as to not throw up the meal of canned tuna and pasta, all the fitness book had recommended.  I was despising the 5 small meals of chicken breast, eggs, tuna a day. Something wasn’t right.  One day alone in my apt. When My Girlfriend had gone to visit her Mom. I sat and thought about life.  I thought about how well I had done already and then looked at the big picture of what we as a collective race are doing here on planet Earth.  My questions were. What are we really doing? What is success? Do I want to fight my whole life for fame and fortune? For What? Why is the world promoting corruption and lying about it all the time?  Why are the prominent celebrities and leaders, all in the limelight due to a celebration of corrupt behavior or decisions?  Do I want to join them? These deep questions lead me into a prayer.  I asked The Universe, God, Allah, Ra, Ja, what ever “IT” might be, to please guide me. I don’t care for the money and fame anymore for me. It makes no sense to serve myself and be a part of this Truth forsaken system. Either use me for the Light and the truth or take me off the planet.  I was genuine.  Up until that point, in my life I’d had all the experiences with girls, money, materials, sex, travel, winnings, any man could have hoped for in a lifetime and it still wasn’t going to help The Earth or Humanity wake up so I truly felt I’d rather be gone than live a worthless material life. It was after this prayer of conviction, that I could not longer stomach animal based nutrition. After this prayer, each time I tried to eat flesh of any kind, I could see the muscle tissue clearly, like my eyesight had increased. I studied the fibers, the veins, the tendons. I spotted blood, in the meat or on the edge of the chicken. I noticed growths around it. As I tried to chew it, the feeling of rubbery animal muscle, haunted my mind. I would gag. Spit it out. Feel like throwing up and in many cases doing just that. I felt like I was too sensitive to eat it. As other mindlessly chewed up the flesh around me, I now felt odd, almost like I was a fussy child, that would not eat his dinner.

For a while I worried I was sick. Maybe allergic to it. I also worried I’d lose all my muscle mass. I had to switch my dinner to high carb rice and beans. I had no clue where I was heading, with little to no support around me. I ate rice, beans and veggies with a vegetarian gravy over it all very often. I felt stable and much better than when I was a flesh eater. My muscle mass stayed. If anything I go more ripped without half the cardio, I had to do when I used to eat all the flesh and dairy. My Acne Cleared up, my bowels felt so much better. My instincts knew I was on a better path. Then one day I watch a Film Called “Earthlings” and I knew I had been automatically lead away from the flesh eating life by the prayer. It had guided me to a higher way of living. Earthlings confirmed I was going in the right direction.
Marcus’s Raw Body

I began researching, how to eat healthier and healthier, I still research to this day. It never stops.  I am now a Raw Vegan for 3 years 100% plant based and I have been a Vegan for 12 years.  My muscle and skin tone at 36, still feels like I am 20 years old.  I feel better now at 36, than when I was 25 and began this journey.  It seems this way of living not only stops the clock but also reverses it.  It’s natures natural un-touched foods. Not burned, killed,cooked, processed, tampered with or preserved, just fresh!  The way all other life forms eat.

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