Becoming Raw:

I started weight-lifting in January 2009 as a new interest and new outlet. That interest soon grew into a passion that led me to competing in Figure, entering my first competition, FCPAQ West of Quebec, in 2010. Once on stage, it became an ambition to obtain my Pro-card as a figure competitor.
Following my first season of competing, I realized that the typical bodybuilding diet and “deprivations” were too harsh for my body physically, mind and soul. I was left with eating disorders and in a lethargic state. I sought to find another way that would harmonize with my body physically, but would also keep me mentally healthy and my soul at peace, without the mood swings, and constant cravings and energy crashes. My search lead me to vegetarianism, veganism and eventually I  took the next step to becoming raw vegan. Sherif Kamal was the first to introduce me to the raw vibrant world in October 2010. The transition was not easy to handle at first but as the time passed by, I noticed dramatic changes in my body, especially my core.

I love to inspire people to live a healthier lifestyle, and to be an example of an athlete in Figure who is raw vegan and does not resort to unhealthy measures to obtain muscle in order to succeed in the sport.  Raw food is the best way to supply your body with energy.

My short term goal is to compete in the CBBF Natural Physique and the WBFF Quebec Championship in April 2011. My long term goals are to change the image that the general population have of raw veganism, that it is a healthier alternative where you are not missing nutrients, and show that professional athletes in bodybuilding are able to achieve the best results while maintaining a healthy body.

I would like to demonstrate to other athletes that the traditional “bodybuilding diets” are not the only way to achieve their goals and succeed, leaving behind the ugly side effects and long-term ailments of increased animal protein diets. Being a Raw Foodist helps me stay grounded.  It’s my link to nature and keeps me focused on having a healthy body first and muscles second.

Sam’s Raw Body

I am an athlete with perseverance and dedication, through all the pain and struggle I succeed; I am able to visualize my goal and continue to achieve it and I have never been afraid of difficulties, I guess that’s why it was so easy for me to give up the traditional American diet. The secret to longevity, health and beauty will never be in a bottle or a pill. Look around, whatever you need comes from the Earth!

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