Becoming Raw:

After ten years of training and eating like a “Pro”, I found that this lifestyle I loved and believed in so much was starting to back-fire. Most days I started with a triple shot of espresso in the morning and artificial energy drinks to make it through my workouts. I was taking every commercial supplement available to improve on my performance and physique. Food was all about protein in the form of animal and whey protein to fuel my muscles, leaving little consideration for greens as they were not priority food for my bodybuilding diet.

Eventually my lifestyle choices caught up with me and were making an impact on my health. I started feeling sick constantly. I was running on borrowed energy, my stress level was rising and my body was due for a major fall.

I soon realized that I could no longer continue this way of life I once thought was healthy and needed to seriously reconsider my choices. Raw food as a life style was non-existent to me. The first time I was introduced to this way of living was laughable and utterly absorbed. I thought how does a guy like myself who trains the way I do, requiring high amounts of energy and strength expect to live off “carrots and celery sticks”. This was the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.

While living in Manhattan, a friend of mine treated me to my first green juice which was broccoli, spinach, apple, celery and parsley. I remember thinking, “this isn’t so bad”. So it became my new thing, everyday on my school break, I would have a green juice. I was not yet completely sold that being a raw foodist and being an athlete can ultimately compliment each other. I slowly transitioned more dark greens into my diet and switched from protein shakes to green juices with superfoods.

Since early 2008, I read and educated myself on everything about raw food. I enrolled in a personal fitness training program which has taught me a whole new concept of training and health. The concepts of training since I started ten years ago, has continued to evolve and these training styles started becoming the focal point of how I train today. What has become extremely apparent to me was that combining my newly evolved fitness and health philosophy while being more conscious and focusing my diet on living foods has truly benefited my life on levels.

Danny’s Raw Body

Raw food opened up greatness in my life. I now feel stronger than ever with increased energy levels, stamina and a higher mental clarity. I have not only discovered it’s lifeblood in my body, my soul has becoming conscious to the energy and universe around me. I understand and accept life as one, that we all revolve around each other and by doing good, that we shape everything as one. Being present in mind, body and spirit, there are no limitations to following your heart, our potential to grow is endless and our capacity to love is eternal.

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