Joanne Gero is a WBFF Fitness Model Competitor, Raw live Food Chef, Natural Skincare Specialist, Owner of Vibe Alive, Sunfood Sweets and a Committed Raw Vegan Naturopath N.D.

Becoming Raw:

My passion for fitness began at a young age I was always very active, played every sport imaginable and enjoyed a variety of dance classes for many years. In 1994 I began my journey into the world of Fitness as a Certified Aerobics Instructor and Personal Trainer where for many years taught classes and personal trained health seekers. During this time I was a successful Entrepreneur with my own Health & Beauty Spa.

Health and fitness was consuming more and more of my time and I found myself becoming very passionate about health and started realizing the direct link it has with our overall health and lives. In 1996 I quickly realized that the medical industry was something I was no longer interested in and 4 yrs later I became a Naturopath N.D. Since then, I have dedicated my life to educating, motivating and coaching Athletes and health seekers about their own self healing powers and potential.

In 2005 I entered my first Fitness Competition (W.N.S.O.) and to my surprise won 3rd place. As a newbie in the fitness Industry , I quickly realized that the majority of Athletes were living on high animal protein diets( flesh, eggs, dairy by products), selective few fruits, steamed or microwaved vegetables and tons of sport supplements such as Whey, Glutamine, Creatine, fat burners, diuretics and even some were using unhealthy stimulants and chemicals.

Joanne’s Raw Body

I could not understand the logic in training so hard, being so committed and then destroying one’s health through toxic, unhealthy, processed, cooked foods, artificial man-made highly processed supplements, caffeinated toxic sugary drinks and or pills. This propelled me forward into finding the right solution, a best way for Athletes to not only look great on the outside, but be strong, vibrant, alive and energized on the inside as well. I realized in the world of bodybuilding and the Fitness Industry or anyone that seeks to be healthy in general, put the importance of true health last and an “Image” first. Athletes put so much demand on their bodies and pay little attention to the after effects and side affects it leaves behind.(fatigue, burn out, dehydration, malnourish weak bodies with various health issues).Athletes need to understand that the demand they put on their bodies daily is very aggressive, and it is vital that Athletes take time to cleanse, heal , nourish and rejuvenate their bodies at a cellular level, at least once a year!

My entire lifestyle changed

Since my last Fitness Competition in 2005 I became a Raw Mom for my first child in 2006 and my second child in 2008 and this propelled me into finding the best quality lifestyle for myself and my family. Today I practice what I preach, live a very active lifestyle and adhere to a 100% Raw Vegan diet and lifestyle. I do not eat any meat, dairy, soy or by its products, nothing cooked, heated, processed or packaged. My eating regime today consists of freshly made nut and or seed mylks such as coconut, hemp, sesame, or almond), green smoothies, at least 2 litres of freshly made vegetable juices a day, a minimum of 2 pounds of green vegetables a day, soaked nuts, seeds and grains(quinoa, millet, buckwheat),. I incorporate Super foods into my diet daily such as (Young Thai Coconuts, Maca, Goji Berries, Chia seeds, Hemp seeds, Raw Cacao, Sea Vegetables (Kelp, Dulse),Spirulina, Chlorella, Bee Pollen, Manuka Honey, Cultured fermented foods(Sauerkraut, Kim Chi, cultured nuts) ,Medicinal Mushrooms(Reishi, Maitake) and Super food Sprouts (Sunflower, mung bean, buckwheat, Alfalfa).

After 20 yrs in the Health, Nutrition and Fitness Industry I believe the best way to pack on lean healthy muscle is through consuming life regenerating, body building, raw organic live living foods. I put emphasis on quality not quantity of food. How well our bodies can process, digest, assimilate and eliminate all that we ingest on a day to day bases. Some of the strongest, most muscular and leanest animals in the world are vegans and live off of fresh fruits and wild green grass. Clean, green live living food will create a clean healthy powerful body! “The human body is perfect, it never makes a mistake”. It is our daily choices, unhealthy habits, actions and lifestyles that contribute to where we are in our lives at this present moment physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

My Goal for this year is to compete at the WBFF World Championship in Sept 2010 and hit that stage once again in the best shape of my life but most importantly I will be healthy vibrant, alive and totally energized this time around. Raw food does a body good!

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