There is nothing more vitalizing, that can come close to replicating or creating the same benefits as Natural Spring Water Straight from Nature. It is the base of my body!

About Natural Spring Water

Natural Spring Water is such an important element to my diet and is the base to all that I consume that requires water. It is also the secret ingredient to all my liquid nutrition. There is a huge difference that I have personally experienced with drinking natural spring water straight from nature versus any imitationsĀ  that claim to have the same effects on the body such as ionized waters, re vitalized waters, filtered waters, well water and any factory bottled waters that supposedly come from springs. The natural filtering of spring water creates such a tightly packed crystal of life force energy that CANNOT by any means be recreated. The only way I can describe it is by comparing a cubic zirconia to a real diamond. Natural Spring Water straight from the source is the real diamond of water. It is a source that has been prepared by nature in such a way that creates the most hydrating and vitalizing water that can possibly run through your body. It such an important element to my training. It keeps my muscles and body filled with the proper water free of pharmaceuticals, chlorine, fluoride, and hard metals. It also has the proper PH to keep my body acid free and has the right amount of natural minerals that have been picked upĀ  through the natural crystallization process that only nature has the formula for! When creating any shake or soaking any superfood it is the source of choice without question! Always make sure you keep spring water away from sunlight. For even better quality and preservation I recommend purchasing and keeping real spring water in glass not plastic. My strength, definition and stamina can definitely be attributed to the quality of water that I am consuming!

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