This is a SuperFood that I can say I consume every single day since I Became Raw It is a core element to my health!

About Goji Berry Powder

One of the top used herbs in Chinese medicine for 5000 years. I have been using it for my training and understood why it is one of the top Chinese used herbs.  Contains 65% natural RAW carbohydrate, 15% lean protein, and the remaining 10% fiber and essential fats.  Using a raw carbohydrate like the goji in powder form instead of eating refined carbs like pasta and bread has so many superior advantages when it comes to digestion and efficiency. Goji powder has an impressive array of amino acids that are the building blocks needed to build high quality protein. The Raw carbohydrates assist are  in supplying me with the energy needed to digest and built the protein in my body. Interestingly enough Studies have also shown that goji berry powder  promotes the natural growth hormone in the body that slows down as we age through the pituitary gland. This is why it is used by the Chines for so long and is considered the longevity herb. For me this study compliments the Red Korean Ginseng I use perfectly!

Goji Berry Extract Powder, 8 oz. (raw, certified organic)

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