This Algae Is One of The Staple Alkalizing Ingredients To Many of My Recipes For SuperBars and SuperSmoothies!

About Spirulina Powder

Spirulina is a whole food that packs an very impressive list of minerals. When it comes to supplying my body with a large supply of minerals, spirulina is my key superalgae. It is also considered a food with the highest protein content in the world. Weighing in at an impressive 60% protein content, spirulina knocks both red meat, at 27%, and soy, at 34%, on the ropes in terms of muscle-building potential. Spirulina is also one of nature’s richest whole-food source of Chlorophyll. It is also rich in iron, B12, and contains a spectrum of every natural antioxidant known. Spirulina is full of beta carotene and highly digestible which makes it a great super food to mix in with your shakes for training and building muscle!

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Spirulina, 16oz, Healthforce, Manna (Original Species)

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